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Cut Your Electricity Bills by Renovating your Apartment Sustainably

As you plan to renovate your home, it is essential to consider cutting on your electricity bills. Make sure all your remodelling activities you involve yourself in are geared towards green energy. You will agree that almost every sector across the globe is striving to keep their bills to the minimum and electricity bills are not exempted. This article will discuss the various ways you can cut your electricity bills by renovating your apartment.

Invest in efficient lighting system

Stats reveal that lighting consumes about 15 percent of electricity per month. While adjusting your daily life to lower this percentage might not seem too significant, it, however, goes a long way to reduce the total cost. As you renovate your house, therefore, it is essential to invest in an efficient lighting system.

The best option is to replace your light bulbs with LED or fluorescence tubes.

Studies have revealed that LED lights last ten times longer than standard bulbs. They also emit regulated heat.

You can also consider installing motion sensors. Here, you will get the best lighting experience. Imagine entering the room, and the light goes on. Then vacuum sensors switch off the lights once you are not using the room. This will ensure there is not power wastage in unoccupied rooms.

Security lights should be sensitive to motions. They only light when someone is near the house. In this case, you will save a lot instead of keeping them on throughout the night.

Upgrade your home appliances

While you upgrade and renovate your home, and it is vital to consider updating your appliances. You will notice that old appliances consume more energy due to their high energy rating. Go for energy star appliances like your heaters, washers, air conditioners, laundry, among others. Investing in new ones will save you the stress of excess electricity bills.

You can also go for energy appliances with radio stats. They regulate energy used by switching off once they reach thresholds.

Invest in natural light

As you renovate your apartment, it is essential to invest in natural light by installing large and transparent window pens. The pens will not only conserve energy, but they will also save you a significant amount of money. You can also install translucent iron sheets to allow direct light to reach your home from above.

Consider installing solar energy

Solar energy is the cheapest alternative once installed. It cost nothing yet function in a number ways. You can heat, light, watch and do anything that needs an energy supply.

However, solar energy has several drawbacks. First, its initial installation is costly compared to the other energy alternatives. Storing energy from the solar system is quite an expensive endeavor. Producing solar energy on an industrial scale is too high compared to the additional energy storage. Imagine if you wanted a steady power supply and storage in a four-bedroom house, you would need three of the same battery. Compare halvin sähkösopimus contracts before choosing this alternative.

Another disadvantage is that you have to select the best position to place your solar panels. Latitude is essential to determine the efficiency of your solar energy. Not all positions will have exposure to direct sunlight.

Season also affects energy efficiency. During cold seasons like winter, it will offer less energy. You should also compare your electricity contract at all times.

Solar panels are hazardous to the environment when they break. Chemicals used to make the entire solar system are very poisonous. Storms tend to destroy them and render them useless and hazardous to the environment.

 Bottom line

As you plan to renovate your apartment, consider cutting on electricity bills. You can achieve this by investing in an efficient lighting system. Upgrading your home appliances will also save you a lot. You can also utilize the natural light to cut on the lighting cost. Solar energy is also a better option if you are willing to bear with its drawbacks.