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Helping business go green and create a sustainable and environmentally friendly future for everyone.

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How is your business making a difference?

Green Products

There are a number of products and initiatives that your business can adopt to ensure that your brand is helping future generations. Have you look at your comanies purchasing across products? How where they produced?


Many companies find that recycling is a real challenge, commercial recycling is not as widespread as domestic and it's often at the expense of the business. Ask your local authority what grants and initiatives are in place to assist.

Renewable Energies

There are now a number of grants available for companies to begin the switch from consuming fossil fuels over to renewable energies, wind, solar and hydro are some of the options available but will vary greatly depending on your location and budget,.

What impact will your company have on the environment?

Start the switch today for a greener future

Solar Products

Enhance the power of the sun with a range of business solar powered products from solar panels to solar chargers

Green Packaging

How are your products packaged? Can you production packaging be streamlined?

Green Fuels

What is powering your company fleet? Can you make the shift from diesel to electric?

Green Messaging

Is your brand message correct? Are you telling your customers about the efforts you are making?

How we can help?

If your business would benefit from a green audit we would love to hear from you. We can help assess your product readiness, calculate your carbon footprint and set you on the path to carbon neutrality. Our eco-friendly team are ready to take a look at your products, packaging and supply chains.

"Power Save helped my company prepare for a greener brighter future

- Anna Salazar

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Solutions that will benefit you, youre environment and your business for the future.


Local Authority

Find out how your local authority can benefit from one of our eco-packages.


Incentives for you and your government with our green future grants.

Power save helped me and my business prepare for the future with a range of packages that helped streamline my supply chain while keeping one eye on the environment."
Angela Winder
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