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4 Ways You Might Be Contributing To Noise Pollution

Noise pollution is a serious issue that not only causes problems for humans but also for animals, birds and other forms of wildlife.

While a great amount of damage caused by noise pollution is physical, mostly with regard to a person’s hearing, the phenomenon can also result in drastic effects on people’s mental health.

Therefore, as responsible citizens, it is our duty to do our best to control and reduce noise pollution in the country.

Hence, in this article, we bring you a list of ways you may be causing noise pollution with activities you do on a daily basis and how it affects us.

Here we go!

  1. Domestic Sewage Treatment Plants

While you may not realise it, your domestic sewage treatment plant is causing a certain amount of noise pollution as a part of its normal functions.

Moreover, noise pollution can also be the result of various problems in your sewage system. In order to prevent noise pollution, you can install an AVR unit into your wastewater treatment plant.

You can also read this article to figure out various sewage treatment plant problems and fix them right away in order to have the quietest sewage treatment plant.

  1. Night Life

Restaurants and other places that encourage nightlife cause a whole lot of damage to the environment in terms of noise pollution.

Pubs, bars and clubs with open spaces emit a great amount of sound into the atmosphere that has been known to cause damage to the environment for years now.

What’s more, these facilities can also cause mental troubles to anyone living close by hindering their sleep, inducing stress, obstructing their concentration and so on. Therefore, we suggest you avoid such places in order to prevent yourself from the dangers of noise pollution and encourage the use of closed spaces.

  1. Traffic

Traffic as you know is probably one of the biggest causes of both air pollution and noise pollution.

It’s not a surprise that almost every one of us has been guilty of honking the car horn one too many times while stuck in traffic. Well, while it seems like the need of the hour, we both know it isn’t.

Hence, we suggest you keep the use of the horn at a minimum and also get your vehicle serviced in case its engine is making a lot of noise. Moreover, whenever possible, we suggest opting for public transport in order to truly reduce both noise and air pollution.

  1. Simple Household Chores

Now, we don’t usually realise this and it’s barely spoken of in most informative articles regarding noise pollution, but some of the greatest contributors to noise pollution can be simple everyday household chores.

The list includes mixers, blenders, washing machines, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners and so on and so on. Although these may seem like minor contributors, when put together they can cause severe damage to a great extent.

While we probably can’t stop using all of the gadgets together, we can find alternatives and avoid a few unnecessary ones to make the world a better place.

How Noise Pollution Affects Us

Physical Effects

You might think that the physical effects of noise pollution may only be limited to hearing problems. However, that’s not entirely true.

Too much noise can also cause various other physical problems such as increased blood pressure, fatigue, headache, et cetera. These ailments are more likely to be found in older people.

Not only do these effects severely disturb the quality of life but also pose a great danger to the health and well being of several individuals.

Psychological Effects

Excessive noise pollution can also greatly damage the mental health of everyone in the country.

In a number of studies, increased noise levels have presented signs of aggressive behaviour, anxiety, depression, lack of concentration, sleep disorders and an overall decline in the mental well being of both animals as well as human beings.

What’s worse is that these issues can sometimes turn into chronic conditions that severely affect a person’s life for a longer period of time.


We just observed the various causes of noise pollution and how they can affect the lives of our loved ones.

These issues are great threats to our future generations and it is our duty to ensure that we do our best to prevent them.

Therefore, we encourage you to take the necessary steps and do everything in your power to bring about the required changes.