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5 products that can save your business money and power

Saving money on everyday operating costs is one of the simplest ways to increase the profitability of your business with little effort. If you can combine saving money with saving energy, then you can help the planet as well as your bank balance.

Take a look at a few of our favourite and easiest ways to save your business money through clever purchases.

Refillable ink cartridges

Forget buying a new ink cartridge when your old one runs out, with a refillable cartridge you can simply top up your ink tanks with ink bottles. Not only does this allow you to save money, but it also means that there will be less environmental damage as you no longer throw away your old cartridges. Whilst costs for printers that use refillable cartridges may be higher than ones that use disposable cartridges, the lifetime savings will outweigh the slightly higher setup costs.

VOIP telephones

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), allows you to make telephone calls using your broadband connection instead of your regular analogue telephone line. It’s a cheaper way to make telephone calls as it removes your need for line rental and call charges as VOIP uses your broadband connection instead. It can also be considerably more convenient as you are no longer reliant on having a wired connection to your desk, so you can work more flexibly.

Use multi-function devices (MFDs)

Although dependent on the type of business you run, consolidating lots of functionality into fewer devices is a quick way to save money and energy. Instead of buying a separate printer, scanner and photocopier just buy one device that can do it all.


Equipping your team with laptops instead of desktop PCs not only helps your team work remotely (which is more important than ever), but it also will save you money on energy as laptops can use up to 90% less energy than desktops. It also instantly means that you will have to buy fewer peripherals such as monitors, mice, keyboards and speakers as this is all included with your laptop straight out of the box.

If you are serious about saving your business money you can take things one step further and simply try to minimise the number of products your business buys, or try and repair rather than replace products as they are approaching the end of life. As the saying goes prevention in many cases is better than cure.

LED light bulbs

Depending on your line of business and the local cost of power, the amount you spend on lighting could vary dramatically. However, regardless of your industry, LED light bulbs can help reduce some of your lighting-related energy costs.

This is because LED lights come with a huge number of energy and money-saving benefits such as:

  • They have a much longer lifespan than traditional lights
  • They are highly energy-efficient, so it takes less power to create more light
  • Unlike traditional light bulbs they do not generate much heat, meaning that more energy can be used to create light

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