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3 Surprising Ways Nitrogen Is Used in Packaging

Nitrogen (N2) is an odorless and colorless gas and occurs naturally in a fascinating fusion cycle that involves oxygen (O2) and carbon (C). It is a vital component of all things living, as it is found in dirt and in the flora we plant and grow in soil. Nitrogen is also a fundamental building block in our nucleic acids, commonly known as DNA and RNA, as it helps determine our genetic make-up. Plus, it makes up 78% of our atmosphere! The element’s delicate balance helps our environment to thrive, aids in cell growth, and produces energy.   

Nitrogen is incredibly versatile and has a wide array of practical applications across many industries. From manufacturing and aerospace to auto, electronics, chemistry, and more, you will find this gas has a role in many processes. However, there are a few fields that N2 is used in that may surprise you.  

Let’s take a closer look at three here: 

Preservation of Food and Beverages  

Nitrogen is a food-grade inert gas that is safe for use in packaging both beverages and foods. It is commonly used to replace oxygen or any supplemental gas in process manufacturing. Its foremost benefits are that nitrogen: 

  • Stops the dangerous growth of aerobic bacteria. 
  • Safeguards the nutrients. 
  • Preserves the freshness of the contents.   

It is odorless, colorless, and tasteless, so it doesn’t alter the flavor or visual appearance of the food or beverage product. Whether it is for packaging or bottling, nitrogen eliminates oxidants from contaminating foods and beverages, keeps rancidness from the packaging contents, and preserves the flavor.   

With food and beverage processing, a nitrogen generator is used to replace O2 with N2. It can inflate every space in your packaging to push the oxygen out, replace it with food-grade nitrogen, and prevent moisture from getting inside the packaging.   

The conditions attained with this exchange are friendly to longer periods of storage for food and beverages. Steps to eliminate the oxygen also clear away potential contaminants and greatly diminishes the oxidation responsible for food spoilage. Overall, contents packaged with nitrogen stay fresher longer for transport and shelf life.   

Other fantastic benefits of using nitrogen for preserving food or beverages include it’s an inert gas, doesn’t react with foods, halts bacterial growth, and is a naturally occurring gas. In addition, it’s a non-chemical preservative, replaces oxygen or supplemental gases, it’s safe and effective, and is sustainable and affordable to supply.  

The Pharmaceutical Industry 

A sterile environment and cleanliness are paramount in manufacturing pharmaceutical products. Nitrogen gas is a preferred choice for controlling oxygen levels and changing an unsafe atmosphere into an inert dry climate. This removes large volumes of O2, thereby significantly reducing the danger of combustion or fire. The potential for oxygen marring equipment with corrosion, oxidation, or rust is also eliminated.   

Likewise, products and packaging can be kept moisture-free and sterile with the benefit of lengthening durability. Nitrogen gas can be a high purity ingredient in manufacturing pharmaceuticals, vaccine vials, and blister packaging.  

The technology of today’s nitrogen gas generators can deliver purity levels that are equivalent to liquid nitrogen. This, combined with the quality, efficiency, and sustainable supply of nitrogen, make it an ideal choice for pharmaceutical applications.   

The Manufacturing Industry  

Nitrogen generation is also used in the manufacturing arena. Nitrogen is used to forge new technological advances, construction designs, and improved manufacturing practices!  

By using N2, industries of all kinds will operate quicker and better than ever. To ensure a steady flow of nitrogen no matter what field it will be used in, having state-of-the-art systems is a must. Nitrogen generation systems can revolutionize your company’s production process, lower your utility costs, and improve your efficiency. Without dealing with the hassles of nitrogen cylinder delivery, you can grow your business to new heights.  

From a nitrogen membrane generator and pressure swing adsorption (PSA) nitrogen generator to nitrogen cylinder filling stations, using a nitrogen generator can significantly save you on cost and time in your production process. 

Are you looking to discover the best way to incorporate the design and specifications needed for a superior nitrogen generation system tailored to your manufacturing process? If you’re just getting started, you need guidance from a company with three decades of leading expertise in building nitrogen generator systems for a wide array of applications across multiple industries around the globe.