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6 Ways to Promote Your Next Mental Health Conference

Mental health is one of the top priorities in the healthcare department. A lot of us benefit from mental health programs, and this includes health conferences. Here, healthcare practitioners, leading professionals, and experts can give updates, provide guidance, share new information, and educate people about mental health in general.

If you are in charge of an upcoming mental health conference, preparation is key when you want it to be a success. If you don’t know where to start, there are a lot of simple yet effective planning tips that you can apply. Here are 6 ways you could do your promotion:

  • Prepare Promotional Materials

Advertising an activity, no matter what it is, will require promotional content. There are a lot of ways you could make promotional materials for your conference. Since you’re doing a mental health conference, you can focus your theme on healthcare. You can create online advertising content that you can post on your pages, or you can make mental health poster and materials you can distribute as well.


Promotional materials like a conference flyer or banner are effective, which makes your advertising process faster and smoother. If you don’t know what platforms to use in creating promotional materials, you can try PosterMyWall. Since you’re making personalized content for your advertising process, you’ll need versatile software like PosterMyWall to use. Here, you can choose any template, font, theme, and style, which you can easily use to tweak and appropriately design your mental health conference materials.

  • Pick the Ideal Venue

Once you’re done with your promotional materials, this is where you start picking your venue. The venue plays a significant role in making your conference a success. Depending on your audience and activities, your venue should fit perfectly to the occasion. Select a spot with enough room and ventilation and make sure it can fit the number of people you’re going to accommodate.


When promoting the venue, make sure to include the facilities that your audience will benefit from. If there is a spot or activity they can do in the area, make sure to highlight that in your promotional content as well.

  • Include Mental Health Activities

Since you’re doing a mental health conference, there’s no harm in adding a few fun activities your audience can enjoy but also add in activities related to mental health. You want your audience to learn something from your conference. So, prepare the event with a lot of informative and fun content too.


During the promotion, include all of the activity details so that you are going to attract more viewers naturally. Since this is a niche conference, you want to make sure that you put out your message clearly so that you are going to organically attract people who are really interested in mental health. You can incorporate activities such as meditation, counseling, yoga, group therapy, and the like.

  • Implement Screen-Free Zones

Mental health is an important aspect of the healthcare industry, and if you want mental health to be treated seriously, you have to implement strict rules in your conference. So, implement a screen-free zone where your audience is not allowed to use their phones and gadgets for some time during the event.


Advertise the screen-free rule in your promotional content though. Don’t leave this out of your advertisement so that your audience will know what to expect. To boost this real further, discuss the benefits of a screen-free zone so that they’ll warm up to the idea and look forward to the conference even more.

  • Focus on Your Internal Team

Apart from the other important logistics, you also have to consider your internal team. At the start of your advertising process, you should already have a solid team to delegate the different tasks of handling the conference. Promoting an upcoming conference takes time, effort, and patience, but all of these will go to nothing when your team is in disarray.


Before you deploy just anybody to handle the tasks, focus on finding your team member’s strengths and weaknesses. Ask them which part of the program are they able to work better and much more efficiently. In this way, you’ll have a much more organized way of overseeing things when the internal processes during your promotion are already set.

  • Use Social Media Platforms

Lastly, use social media platforms. We all know how integrated social media platforms are in our daily lives. If you want to make a noise and get more traction, you’ll get that online when you know who you’re targeting.


If you don’t have social media accounts yet, it’s high time that you start integrating yourself and your campaign online. Some of the most popular social media sites you can start with are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. As long as you are consistently advertising here, you’ll see a natural flow of followers coming in.

These are just some of the simplest yet most effective ways to promote your mental health conference. With these tips, we hope that your conference will be a success!