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How To Incorporate Sustainability At Your Next Business Event

When most people think about sustainable business practices, they tend to think about what goes on during standard business hours. These include investments in energy-efficient equipment, powering facilities with renewable resources and recycling waste, among others. What isn’t talked about as often is how companies can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability through corporate events such as trade shows and brand experiences. These gatherings can be great ways to connect with partners and consumers, but also can potentially be wasteful if they’re not planned with the ecological impact in mind.

Fortunately, there are a few ways to incorporate sustainability into these events. For example, choosing a venue that’s within a short distance from guest accommodations enables attendees to walk or drive a shorter distance. This cuts down on the amount of emissions created by transportation. Events that feature food and drink service can cut down on landfill waste by using washable utensils and dishes or choosing biodegradable options over single-use plastics. Of course, depending on the type of event you choose to hold, you may be able to hold it virtually and avoid the necessity of travel altogether.

Your company’s commitment to sustainable business can manifest in a number of ways, including at your next corporate event. Just a few small tweaks to your standard planning process can go a long way toward making your next gathering a more eco-friendly affair. For other tips you can use when putting together your upcoming event, take a look at the accompanying resource.

Infographic created by FIRST