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The Internet — Is It Already a Necessity to Everyone?

To answer the question, first of all, let’s define ‘necessity’. Thesaurus defines it as ‘need’, something that is inevitable. A lot of people say the Internet has become necessary in today’s living in the modern era as compared to living in the 19th and 20th centuries.

The advent of the unlimited home Internet can be considered a phenomenon, where updates and developments to anything can be availed at just a click of the mouse. With life becoming fast-paced, these developments and updates can become difficult to keep track of without the help of the world wide web. So, now that the lives of people are moulded so intricately by the Internet, especially the newest generation, it seems living without it is no longer possible.

Why Should People Use the Internet?


The popular saying, “no man is an island” should be proof of the usefulness of online service nowadays since it enables people to link and communicate with one another in a more meaningful way. Both individuals and businesses get connected in cyberspace and in these times of world health crisis, it’s all the more essential to access the Internet to ensure the safety of everyone. Whether you like it or not, you will always be provided with fresh updates on the pandemic from time to time, and on what’s happening in all corners of the globe no matter what device you’re using in accessing the Web.

Communication and Learning

Parallel to learning is communication in which the Internet is deemed as among the most efficient and effective ways to achieve both. Logging in to different websites gives us opportunities to gather as much knowledge and information on societies, things and events, including various fields of discipline.

Social media of whatever form has become an important tool for society to learn and communicate. There are other forms of online communication such as chat and VoIP that can process an instant exchange of information wherever you are in the world.

Search engines such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox provide answers to all types of questions people search on the Web. For watching entertainment videos, there’s YouTube which offers millions of different videos on any topic to its millions of subscribers. You can even go to school in your chosen field through courses offered online.


Online forums are venues for sharing information between and among persons who share common interests and things they mutually enjoy. Another medium wherein you can share your ideas with others are through video calls on Skype and other platforms.

Online Shopping

Now that the world is suffering from a global pandemic, online shopping has become an extremely popular trend. Such a trend is turning virtual shop owners into millionaires.

You can now order and buy practically all goods on the Internet – from food, apparel, cosmetics to transport services, from medicines, groceries, hardware to electronics, and lot’s more. It will only take a day or two to have your order delivered right through your doorstep.

Just find out where to shop for your favourite items using your unlimited home Internet plan.