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Meeting A Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer? Ask These Questions

Getting involved in an on-road mishap can be traumatizing, but the truth is auto accidents are not rare in Los Angeles. If you were injured in such an accident, you need to seek legal help and advice at the earliest. While you may know the basic laws, nothing beats the expertise of a skilledĀ Los Angeles car accident lawyer. When lawyering up, here are some questions you need to ask.

Do you think I have a valid claim?

When you are injured and shocked, it is okay to believe that the other party was negligent and that you have a valid claim. However, filing a car accident claim requires evidence, and as the claimant, you must prove fault, which means your case should be strong enough. Not all cases are worth pursuing. An attorney can explain the merits of your case and aspects that can impact your settlement.

How much do I need to pay you? What about other expenses?

Most personal injury attorneys work on a unique arrangement called the contingency fee, which is payable when you win a financial settlement. This means there is no upfront fee, and the standard is usually 33%, although some lawyers may charge a tad more for their experience. There are also other expenses that must be paid, such as court filing fees, costs of investigation, and experts, which the client is expected to pay. It is best to understand the financials before you proceed ahead.

What’s your experience with regard to car accident claims and lawsuits?

Not all car accident cases end up in court, but when that happens, you should be able to trust your attorney. Ask the attorney how frequently they take up such auto accident cases and if they have been to court. Only a handful of lawyers have experience representing clients at trial, which is a key factor in hiring a lawyer. You can also ask for client references.

What kind of damages can I recover?

This is another valid question that must be discussed. Remember that not everyone gets millions for their car accident claim, so the case should be worth the fight. Ask the attorney about the economic and non-economic damages that you can recover. Most lawyers won’t refuse to share an estimated amount, which could help you decide whether you want to proceed ahead.

Finally, don’t forget to ask the lawyer if they are going to personally handle your claim.

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